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Jan 28, 2024


2ADVANCED is a digital marketing agency that pursues digital performance marketing which is located Gangnam in Seoul, South Korea since 2017. We provide professional digital marketing services to global top brands and Korean top clients based on our rich experience at top global agencies such as WPP, Dentsu Aegis, and Omnicom Media Group. Compared most of other agencies are specialized only in creative or media planning or search ads but 2ADVANCED focuses on producing optimal campaign results through overall digital marketing consulting services. Based on perfect performance, major client has renewed their contracts for seven consecutive years, with annual media billing reaching more than $4 million in 2023.

Digital Marketing Service

Our main services are search marketing include search engine optimization and search advertising for Naver & Google. In the case of SEO, we have improved more than 100 sites based on our rich experience over the past 15 years. As Google Partner, we have provided consulting service to Top news publishers for organic growth in South Korea since 2018. In the case of the media, we are mainly conducting performance campaigns through real-time bidding that emphasizes efficiency of ROI. Here, we are showing data-driven marketing beyond simply operating media, creating AD materials through audience analysis and increasing conversion rates by improving landing pages. The biggest difference from other agencies is that we understand B2B marketing as well as B2C. B2C can get direct results in a relatively short period of time but B2B marketing must be based on a mid and long-term strategy, and a content-focused marketing approach is more important than simply rely on paid media campaign. Now, meet the world's best digital performance marketing experts who provide marketing insights from ROI improvement and visitor patterns through in-depth data analysis.

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We provides digital performance consulting service including search, naver seo, display campaign, web analytics and data integration. We have a rich experience in global top brands for digital marketing and well understands not just Korean digital marketing but also global digital campaign.